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Touch My Brum

By Kevin Morgan,

The Wyverns make their first appearance at a rugby tournament.

The first outing for players of the Wessex Wyverns RFC took the form of the Birmingham Bulls ‘Touch My Brum’ rugby tournament. Four players for the Wessex Wyverns turned up in Birmingham in order to form a Barbarians team, with members of the other clubs. We had six games to play, all against established clubs who had been training together a while. Whist they were all finishing their warm ups and discussing plays, we were learning each-others names.

Our Barbarians team had a mixed bag of results, with none of the players being used to touch rugby and needing a bit of guidance with the rules; we went on to loose five of our matches. We did however win one match, due to some spectacular trys and a stalwart defence, against the Blue Bulls.

After the matches everyone met up in a local bar for some post match food and the award ceremony. The after party was good fun from what I remember. Kevin Morgan was the Barbarians man of the match, and subsequently won the pint chugging competition against the other team’s men of the match with time to spare.

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