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Wessex Wyverns play in their first competitive rugby


By Kevin Morgan,

The Wyverns took to Cardiff to take on three other clubs in the Enfys Shield Sevens pre season tournament.

Cardiff Lions RFC hold a sevens tournament annually to start off the rugby season. Four teams turned up this year hoping to take home the trophy: The Cardiff Lions, The Wessex Wyverns, The Kings Cross Steelers and the Fighting Otters Gentleman’s Club.

The Wyverns first match was against the Cardiff Lions. Seven members of our team had never played competitive rugby before, and we were well served having the Lions as opponents. We played very well for the first 5 minutes of the first half where we held the Lions attack off. Then they scored, and proceeded to place the ball beyond the Wyverns try line four more times in the 9 remaining minutes leaving the score at 25 - 0.

The Kings Cross Steelers were the Wyverns second challenge, and the first few minutes of the match provided some excellent rugby between the two sides. The stalemate was broken by a fantastic try scored by Nicholas Vaux. This opened up the flood gates for the Wyverns, who proceeded to score five more trys. The Steelers weren't finished however, and managed to score a try themselves ending the match at 30 - 5.

The third game was against the Fighting Otters Gentlemen's

Club. This was the match that the Wyverns were the least keen to play, as the Otters were all built like brick shithouses. The match started off with a high ball from the Otters that was caught by Kevin Morgan, who stepped his opposite number and scored under the posts. The Wyverns were up 5 - 0, if they could just hold the Otters back, then the match was theirs. The final score was 40 - 5 in favour of the Otters.

The final game was against the Steelers, and would decide who took third place. The Wyverns won the game in an excellent display of team work. The trys for the Wyverns were provided by Nicholas Vaux, Kevin Morgan and Steve Digweed. Despite a strong 2 minutes of some excellent attacking rugby at the end of the game. The Steelers were held off, and didn't manage to score. This meant that the final score came to 32 - 0. The game was topped off by Kev managing to convert the try that ended the match. His first successful conversion despite his 10 previous attempts.

The Lions, and Cardiff Pride provided a fantastic evening after the tournament. It even took a while to round up all the missing members of the Wyverns the next day. Can’t wait until next year.

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