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Why I Joined Wessex Wyverns?


Last July I went down to Bournemouth for the Bourne Free weekend and found the Hampshire Constabulary LAGLO stall and spoke to Martyn Gorse who was giving out flyers to come along to a gay rugby team up at Southampton Common, I thought why not give it a “try” well I turned up for the training on Thursday’s and Sunday’s and kept at it and persevered and with buying boots, body armour and scrum cap, I thought well I’ve forked out for all this and I’m going to stick with it.

Since joining the team back in late August I’ve enjoyed every minute of it the knocks scrapes and bruises and even a black eye. Since joining the team I’ve become fitter stronger and more importantly gained confidence and so many gay friends more than I’ve ever done. To be able to go out with the Wessex Wyverns socially not necessarily over or after a rugby match, Before joining the team, it used to be a lonely world for me but not anymore.

The Wessex Wyverns Rugby football club to me is like a band of brothers, extended family and I’d like to thank the committee, players and supporters for having faith and giving me the drive and motivation to play rugby with a gay rugby team, and the Wessex Wyverns are going from strength to strength.

Simon Fullick.JPG

Picture by: Patrick Hughes

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