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Fancy Dress Rugby Match

On Saturday, the Wessex Wyverns hosted the second ‘Give It A Try’ taster day of 2017 after an extensive recruitment drive by the team.

The session was hosted by Social Secretary Lee, and was run by Coaches Butty and Macca who had organised a 10-minute station circuit showcasing the different skills needed to play rugby. Our new recruits got to try their hand at different rugby activities which included kicking, passing and some contact.

The Give It A Try event was followed by the Wessex Wyverns first charity fancy dress match, raising awareness for Southampton Pride. Costumes ranged from cheerleaders, to Spider-Man to unicorns, and everyone looked fantastic.

David from the Southampton Pride committee watched the match, and presented the awards out for Best Fancy Dress and Worst Fancy Dress.

The worst fancy dress award was won (or lost) by Tim, whose impersonation of a ‘stereotypical’ Scottish man did not have quite the desired response!

Yussef, however, turned heads in his maid’s outfit and came away with the best fancy dress award and a bottle of prosecco… The rest of us came away with nightmares from that experience.

At the end of the match Chairman Nick, Josh and James Flower did a cheerleading performance which was... very well choreographed (and can be found on Facebook for those that missed it.)

The ‘Give It A Try’ event ended at 3pm, then from 7pm the Wyverns took on The Stage Door and finally The Edge, where the newbies got to experience the infamous Wyvern night out.

All in all, it was a very successful day for the Wyverns – more players, awareness raised of Southampton Pride and we helped raise money for them too!

Special mention has to go to Lee, Butty, Macca and too Cameron and James Firmin who helped run the training stations!

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